Carrie Beard, Belvedere

Tara is an extraordinary teacher and musician. She is warm and nurturing with our three young children, but also extremely effective — in less than a year, they can read music, perform on stage, and even play songs with some expression! Tara keeps them motivated and on task, while still keeping lessons fun. Tara is always professional and is an excellent communicator. We highly recommend the Cascade Melody School of Music!

Carrie Beard, Belvedere

Lucas, (Student, 13)

I feel that Tara’s method of teaching is very different which makes the activity exciting. Unlike most dull, old teachers, Tara is a young, insightful person. I have a lot of fun during her classes. She made my negative feelings towards playing the piano become nothing but positive thoughts. Five stars!


Michele Tager, San Francisco

Tara’s time with my son is worth every penny! Lucas is always eager for his piano lesson, he even practices every day to show his teacher how much she can be proud of him. Tara has a way of connecting with her students that is unique!

Michele Tager

Gabriel, (Student, 11)

Tara is the best teacher ever! She’s really nice and let’s you play whatever song you want at the recital and let’s you learn any song you want!


Jeremi, (Student, 8)

I like piano lessons and the treat we get at the end =)


Susan Baker, Mill Valley

Tara is not only an accomplished musician and artist, but a talented and intuitive teacher. Her passion for music and the standards of excellence that she holds herself to serve as a model and inspiration for her students.
Our son had been playing the piano for 5 years when he started taking lessons from Tara. His enthusiasm for playing increased dramatically from the very first session and, more importantly, he began to synthesize what he had been taught and play at a much higher level. Tara has helped him tap into all of his senses in order to hear and feel the music naturally in addition to sight reading.
Our son looks forward to his weekly sessions with Tara and challenges himself to master the assignments that she gives him. She continually sets a high bar for him and he is motivated to meet it. Her personality and enthusiasm enable her to connect with students in a unique way. If you want your child to love what they are doing while performing at a high level, Tara is the best teacher there is!

Susan Baker

Nathalie Salles, Terra Linda

Tara is an amazing teacher. She has been teaching my 9 year old daughter, for 2 years now and she has helped Morgane learn her notes, play, have fun and become more confident about her skills by the week. She was not an easy child to work with, as she can lack self-confidence and abandon what she does not master immediately. Now Morgane is confident in her skills and is looking forward to her training with Tara every week. She has even ventured into learning songs of her favorite singers which was important to her.

     In addition, as a parent, Tara is a delight to work with. Punctual, always a smile and at service, keenly caring for my daughter and her well being. For the past 2 years my daughter has been looking at Tara as a mentor, a big sister, a confident, and someone she can rely on when the going gets tough.I highly recommend Tara and her school.

Nathalie Salles

Lara Nuer, San Rafael

Tara is an amazing teacher. She makes learning piano fun, and totally understands how to adapt to each of my son’s unique style and learning preferences. She keeps them always interested. She sparked their love for piano five years ago and kept the flame growing ever since.

Lara Nuer

Carol Levy, Larkspur

Tara is a wonderful teacher: Her structured method has helped our daughter to develop her skills and to have pleasure at the same time. Tara’s style is warm and encouraging. She is passionate about music and knows how to convey her passion to the kids.

Carol Levy

Alexandra Du Roure, Belvedere

Valentina est plus que ravie! Elle a fait beaucoup de progres et est maintenant vraiment prise par le piano. Merci Merci Merci Tara pour ton incroyable travail!

Alexandra Du Roure